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Update: Travels In The Land of Hunger, Dark Legacy: Book II - Travels, & Reviews of Trinity

Dark Legacy: Book I - Trinity
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I apologize for the long delay in updating The Legacy Cycle blog site. It is a beautiful spring day here in Barcelona and I finally have a moment to sit down and write a new post as beams of sunlight shine through my apartment's window.

Over the past few months I have received emails and messages from readers and fans of Dark Legacy: Book I - Trinity wanting to know when Book II - Travels of the series will be released. I remember when I was in junior high school going every week to the Waldenbooks store that was next to the music shop where I took drum lessons hoping that the third book in Stephen King's The Dark Tower series had been released. This was before the Internet so there was no immediately accessible means for readers like me to know when King planned to release the next book. It was in the years after graduating college that Stephen King had finished the series, and so I grew up reading each book as they came out throughout my adolescent to young adult life.

In the long spaces of time between each Dark Tower book release I developed within my own mind a story that would ultimately become the Dark Legacy book series. Although Dark Legacy has almost nothing in common with The Dark Tower, Stephen King's series was what inspired me to create my own world of fantasy and my own series of books.

While I waited for King to release the next book I grew agitated that instead of working on the series he had written other books within the genre of horror. I kept thinking, Why doesn't he finish the series? Little did I know of what the writing process was like for an author and how at times it is good for an author to take a break from writing their series by working on other stories and books.

This painting entitled,
Hall of the Dragon Mist, by
Tiberius Viris may serve as the cover
art for my travel memoir,
Travels In the Land of Hunger
In the time since Dark Legacy: Book I - Trinity was released I have written the first one hundred plus pages of Book II - Travels, but I have also worked on a steampunk short story entitled, The Astor House of Old Shanghai, and I have been editing a travel memoir of my 2004 journey through East and Southeast Asia. I have also written an incomplete science fiction short story entitled, Rise of the White Lion. These side projects have been healthy for my writing and leave room for books not within the Dark Legacy series, but within a much wider Legacy Cycle series.

I now plan on working and completing each project before moving on to the next. I have been editing the travel memoir over the past year and will finally finish the first complete edits next week. I will then leave it and focus on Book II - Travels. Ideally, I would like to work on Book II a little bit each day and now that I have my summer holiday around the corner I will be able to accomplish quite a bit. It is my hope that I will have the first complete draft of Book II finished by early 2014, while also releasing my travel memoir entitled, Travels In the Land of Hunger, by early 2014. Once Book II has been released, hopefully by late 2014 to early 2015, I will take a break from Dark Legacy to develop the steampunk short story, The Astor House of Old Shanghai, into a full length novel. Then I'll be back to Dark Legacy to write Book III - Tribe.

I would like to share with you some of the reviews of Dark Legacy: Book I - Trinity from the past couple of months.

"This was one of the most unique books I've read in a long time; in style if not always in content. As I read it, I definitely came to the conclusion I was reading some European author, as the style was so different from anything I had read in a long time (he's not :))." - Mitchell Tyler
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"Overall, this was a great read ... Domenico has an excellent tale to tell and tells it very well. I am anxiously awaiting further installments in the Dark Legacy series." - George Jaros
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"I originally started out with the intro book: Dark Legacy: The End of the Kai, which is basically the first 1/4 of this book. After reading through the incredible blend of fantasy and sci-fi, mixed with Eastern philosophies, I had to buy the full book and finish it." - Mike Pearce
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"In short it was an excellent book; a wonderful blend of science fiction and fantasy. I haven't checked to see if the other books in the series are released yet, but its something worth checking out if you are done with cliché books like Divergent series, the Hunger Games series, etc." - Justin Yan
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"Not only does this book offer a beginning to what could become a new epic story worthy of endless numbers of fans, it exposes humanity at multiple levels. As readers, we can identify with most of the characters at one point or another, thus creating an opportunity to explore our own dark, rejected, and neglected facets coming to terms with ourselves as a whole unit. On a less personal note; it is a story that surprises the reader at every turn. Entertaining, different, NEW. Totally worth it! Can't wait for the story to continue. Hopefully we'll see a sequel soon." - Manu M.
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I would like to thank each reader and fan for all of their support. It is greatly appreciated!
Now I best be getting back to writing.

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