Saturday, April 05, 2014

Dark Legacy: The End of the Kai ranked at #2 on the Amazon Best Sellers Top 100 Free

Dark Legacy: The End of the Kai ranked at #2 on Amazon
Dark Legacy: The End of the Kai was liberated by Amazon users in the United States and finally made available as a FREE ebook download on April 4, 2014. As a result the science fiction and fantasy novella that serves as an extended prologue to Dark Legacy: Book I - Trinity shot up the ranking to #2 for the Metaphysical & Visionary Fantasy eBook category, and shot up to #24 for the Science Fiction category on the Amazon Best Sellers Top 100 Free list.

It is my hope that Amazon users in the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, India, Brazil, and Mexico will also liberate Dark Legacy: The End of the Kai by clicking on the "tell us about a lower price" button on the ebook's Amazon page.

Unfortunately Amazon does not provide publishers and self-published authors the option of initially offering their ebooks as a free download on their sites. Instead we are required to price our ebook at $0.99 or above. The only way around this requirement is if Amazon becomes aware from its users that there is a more competitive price at which point they will lower their price. Since Dark Legacy: The End of the Kai is available for FREE from Barnes & Noble, Google Play, the iBookstore, Kobo, and Lulu, Amazon finally made the ebook available as a FREE download.
Dark Legacy: The End of the Kai at #2 for Metaphysical Fantasy
and #24 for Science Fiction on Amazon

It was quite an exciting experience watching Dark Legacy: The End of the Kai rise to the #2 position within the Fantasy genre and #24 in the Science Fiction genre. I was especially pleased to see the ebook ranked at one point alongside Wool - Part One by Hugh Howey, which can be seen in the photo below.
Wool - Part One and Dark Legacy: The End of the Kai 

In other news I have a couple of short stories that I would like to release on Wattpad as soon as I have the ebook covers designed. The first short story entitled The Astor House of Old Shanghai is in the genre of steampunk and was originally published in Peter Saga's Sci-Fi Freedom e-zine a couple of years ago. The second short story entitled White Lion Rising takes place in dystopian Barcelona in the year 2085 AD and is a tribute  to MotoGP, Robotech, and the legend of Saint George and the Dragon.

I will begin polishing the final draft of my 2004 travel memoir entitled Travels In the Land of Hunger next week while also getting back to Dark Legacy: Book II - Travels. So stay tuned.
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