Thursday, July 28, 2016

5th anniversary edition of Dark Legacy: Book I - Trinity now available!

5th anniversary edition of Dark Legacy: Book I - Trinity
I'm happy to finally announce that the 5th anniversary edition of Dark Legacy: Book I - Trinity is now available in hardback, paperback, and ebook editions on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, iBooks, Kobo, Lulu, and Wattpad. After working with James Egan of Bookfly Design on the book cover designs for my steampunk short story The Astor House of Old Shanghai and my travel memoir Travels in the Land of Hunger I decided to work with him on a redesign for Dark Legacy as a way to relaunch the book and celebrate its 5th anniversary.

This edition has been updated to include improvements in the typesetting of the printed books as well as additional material such as an author interview conducted by Camilla Stein. I should also mention that a dust jacket hardcover edition is now available from Lulu at You will also notice from the new printed editions that the Dragon Bone Books logo has been redesigned.

Redesigned logo for Dragon Bone Books
The upcoming months into next year will bring a more aggressive marketing and advertising campaign for the book as a means to increase the fanbase for the series. It is my hope that with increased support for the book, and the series, that I will be able to dedicate more and more time as an independent author to the completion of the second book of Dark Legacy while also completing my travel memoir and expanding my steampunk short story into a full length novel. The question I get most often from fans of the first book of Dark Legacy is when the second book will be published. It is a difficult question to answer since I am not able to work full-time as an independent author (it is simply not financially viable). Thus my time from September to June over the past couple of years has been dedicated toward my career as an IB economics teacher, which I enjoy incredibly (I feel very fortunate to be working in a very supportive and vibrant academic community). But the need to finish these books is always gnawing at the back of my head and heart. Trying to find time to write between raising a family and teaching economics (and theory of knowledge) is difficult, but I will dedicate a bit of time each day from this point forth (even if it means robbing this time from my sleep) so that I can publish the next few books as soon as possible. I am thankful to my fans for their patience and support, and I hope to pay them back by publishing the next Dark Legacy book as soon as possible.

Promotional poster for the 5th anniversary edition of Dark Legacy: Trinity