Friday, March 03, 2017

Dark Legacy: Trinity now available on the Radish mobile app!

The Legacy Cycle webpage on Radish.
I am very excited to announce that all of my published written works are now available on a new mobile app for serialized fiction called Radish.

You can check out my Radish webpage listing my literary works available on the app @

Dark Legacy: The End of the Kai and my steampunk short story The Astor House of Old Shanghai are available on the Radish app as free e-reads (they are also available as free e-reads on Wattpad @

Dark Legacy: Book I - Trinity is available as a premium read on the app where in following with the serialized philosophy of Radish, indie authors, such as myself, can release and monetize each and all chapters of our books to readers in a "bite-sized serial fiction" format.

I have also released the first few chapters of my travel memoir Travels in the Land of Hunger under the Radish freemium model where readers can gain early access to edited chapters that I have, and will be, releasing over the next few months until the entire memoir is completed this year.

The current list of my stories available on the Radish app.
This is a great way for readers to further support indie authors and help them gain additional income so that they can potentially get a step closer to pursuing their craft part- or full-time.

Radish has recently raised $3 million in seed funding from venture capitalists, and investors such as famed author Amy Tan of The Joy Luck Club.

Seun Yoon Lee (CEO and co-founder of Radish) is pushing the app in the calculated belief that since this method of reading on mobile devices has proved incredibly successful in East Asia, that the US market would also follow in that e-reading will take place more on mobile devices over time than on dedicated e-readers such as the Kindle and NOOK. Time will tell if that proves to be the case. I have the feeling that Seun Yoon Lee is right, and that this app definitely has the potential of being the mobile fiction reading app in the not too distant future.